The Organizing Principles of the Israeli Revolution in National Security Affairs

מתוך סמינר 2.0 לעדכון תפיסת הביטחון הלאומית | Seminar 2.0
קפיצה אל: ניווט, חיפוש
This page is part E of the document titled A New Vision For Israel's National Security Conception

The previous section: The Vision: Israel as the Middle of the East

This section of the document details the proposed organizing principles for changing the national security concept in order to fulfill the national objectives discussed. At their core stands the insight that Israel's national security in the twenty-first century will require harnessing Israeli society broadly, and that the government alone cannot carry the burden.

1.The background: An erosion in the ability of the government to provide national security by itself – The variety of national security challenge broadens and the number of actors affecting it rises – within state institutions and outside of them, and within Israel and outside of it. In light of this, the ability of the government to provide a response by means of the tools available to it through the 'closed system' approach is eroding.

2.The opening of the system will require adaptation – Advancing the vision for Israel's national security – against the backdrop of the erosion in the current concept and the existing strategic window of opportunity – requires broadening the operational approach of Israel's national security system on the basis of the following principles:

  •  Partnerships and collaboration with civil society, and mainly with universities, non-profit organizations, research institutes, etc,;
  • Decentralizing the responsibility towards sub-units within public agencies and enhancing the interconnectivity between them;
  • Culture of 'generalship' – Cultivation of systemic vantage points and strategic understanding and abilities among individuals at all levels of the system;
  •  Constant experimentation and learning in the field through new and renewing models that will enable the development of effective operational concepts.


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